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Mission Date For Your Diary


We are hosting a mission night this Sunday 2nd August 2015 start time is 6Pm Gmt. The mission will involve Taking Vital Medicines to a small chapel located North of the friendly Zone. After this you will be stealing 2 heavy movers further up North from a military camp. Suicide bombers and suspect packages are the flavour of the day so be Careful! No running and gunning otherwise you will die!


The Mods are basic this weekend, I would recommend using PlaywithSix to use for your Mod Lines but that’s upto you, the Repo below has all the mods on and if you use Playwith6 it will install them automatically saving heaps of time.

Download Six here and then add the Repo below simply click on it when your all set up and it will install the Mod Line for you…Easy as 1 2 3………….




The choice is yours how you approach this mission, you can carry out Patrol Op styled approaches or go in silently, I would recommend Patrol Ops Option!

Who We Are & What We Do…….



We are a European Gaming Community with members from all over Europe and many other countries. We dedicate ourselves to playing PC games of all sorts especially FPS games, but we enjoy anything that’s fun and allows us to make new friends.

We are proud of the mature and friendly members that make the community a exciting and fun way to spend your spare time. We have very dedicated and active administrators who spend their lives keeping the community friendly and “fresh”. If you would like to join the group, then sign up here and introduce yourself in the Forums.


The Community are currently playing a range of games and gamemodes which the community pick and help arrange. We currently we have a collection of Arma and Counter Strike players who play daily.

We are a relaxed community who have good structure in place but without the the need for ‘yes sir no sir mentality’. More information can be found on our Forums, or alternatively pop into TS3 and meet the team or even take a tour around and familiarize yourself with the site.


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  • Just a huge thanks to the Community for being a great bunch of guys!

    From our Member Danny
  • Five stars for this community, an Awesome group to play with, and loving the new Multi-Gaming Network.

    From our Member Simon
  • I’ve been here for a while now and I can’t imagine playing computer games without this amazing group of guys.

    From our Admin Tommy